Supported Missionaries

Below are members of the WCMC congregation that are serving locally or overseas with different mission organizations.  These missionaries are directly supported out of the WCMC mission budget

  • Rod and Valerie Hochstetler

    Rod and Valerie Hochstetler have been missionaries in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the early 1990's. Rod is a pilot with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). His wife Valerie, and their daugher Lydia live with him in Kinshasa.

    Mission Aviation Fellowship shares the love of Jesus Christ through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed. 

    Daunting geographical barriers isolate people living in remote areas. Those barriers prevent access to the Gospel & life-sustaining services. Most of the people (some 3 billion people representing 7,093 people groups live in the 41 countries MAF ministers to) languish under spiritual & physical oppression, lacking the most basic resources.

    Every day MAF deploys a full range of aviation, communications, and learning technologies services to maximize ministry throughout Asia, Africa, Eurasia, and Latin America.