members' site

What is our Members Site? It's our online community where those connected to our WCMC family are able to connect with our database.

Some of the features include:

  • Updating your own personal and family information
  • Sign up to receive our weekly newsletter via email
  • Viewing the Walnut Creek Mennonite directory online
  • Posting pictures of you and your family
  • Emailing WCMC Community without having to know their email address
  • Creating an email group for your committee group, ministry, or Sunday School class
  • And more!

If you are a member or regular attender and you'd like access to this network, email the church office for more information.

Rightnow media

Walnut Creek Mennonite Church provides all members and regular attenders with a personal subscription to Right Now Media. RNM is an online Bible study library that has over 2000 streaming video sessions. There are teaching videos from a host of well-respected pastors and teachers on almost every subject that impacts your daily life. 

If you're a member or regular attender, and you'd like access to RNM, please email the webmaster or the church office to request a username and password. 

Enter RightNow Media